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Which travel insurance would you like?

Visitors and Travel Medical Insurance

Covers medical expenses during your international trip

Trip Insurance

Covers the cost of travel cancellation, CFAR, etc.

We Cover All Types of Travel Risks

VisitorsCoverage has issued millions of policies to visitors, families, business travelers, solo travelers, international students, green card holders and expats.

First Time Buyers

If you’re traveling with your family on holiday, bringing your parents to the USA for a visit or you’re a globetrotting solo adventurer – we’ve got you covered – with the best comprehensive and limited coverage plans for all ages, and for all of your travel insurance needs.


Insurance for International Visitors

The high cost of healthcare in the U.S. makes buying visitors medical insurance an essential part of your trip prep, especially if you’re an international visitor to the United States. Fortunately, whether you’re a new immigrant, a green card holder, or just visiting, you have some great options for medical coverage.

Safe Travels

Purchasing trip insurance isn’t exactly the funnest part of traveling, but it’s essential to keeping you safe, physically and financially. Trip insurance gives travelers like you peace of mind from knowing that if you need to cancel plans for any covered reason, applicable prepaid travel expenses will be reimbursed.


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VisitorsCoverage for Affiliates and Agents

Are you a blogger, website owner, travel and visa consultant, or travel advisor?

Join our Affiliate Partner Program and earn top dollar by referring online travel insurance sales.

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Join VisitorsCoverage’s Agent Producer program and start earning top commissions by offering the best travel insurance options to your customers.

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