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Australian health insurance requirements

If you are coming to Australia on a Student Visa, you must purchase OSHC (unless you are from Sweden or Norway).  We can arrange OSHC for Student Visa holders with our preferred provider, Allianz Care Australia. 

If you are studying on a Visitor, Tourist Visa, Working Holiday or other visa, you are recommended to purchase your own private health and travel insurance.   

OSHC provides basic insurance cover for medical and hospital care costs. It does not cover:

  • you while travelling to and from Australia
  • your personal belongings for the duration of your stay
  • dental or optometry services

OSHC may also not cover you for a pre-existing condition.

Students with OSHC are recommended to purchase private travel insurance separately to cover their journey to and from Australia, and to cover belongings.

Allianz cover, fees and services


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