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Work at Height

According to the statistics from the Labour Department, fall of person from height is one of the major accident types which results in serious body injury or even fatality. Employers and employees engaged in working at height shall, so far as reasonably practicable, identify, rectify and safeguard any person working at a height in the workplace against all hazardous conditions as stipulated in the relevant safety laws. All those involved shall increase the awareness and concerns for the risk of working at height by implementing adequate safety precautions. To ensure the safe working at height, other than the fall prevention equipment used in the industries for working at two meters or higher, OSHC has launched the “Three safety bubbies” for working at height below two meters – mobile working platform, step platform and hop-up platform – to encourage employers to provide employees with all-round fall prevention equipment for the promotion of good work practices.

Work at Height


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