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Important Registration and Enrolment Information


We want to make sure your enrolment is as quick and smooth as possible, so please take a moment to read the information below before you begin.

  • If eligible for Child Care Subsidy (CCS), please ensure Parent/Guardian One on the enrolment form is completed in the name of the parent who is or will be assessed by Centrelink.
  • To claim CCS, please have your child’s Customer Reference Number (CRN) along with the CRN of the assessed parent.
  • You will need to have doctor’s details and immunisation records for each child to complete your enrolment.
  • You will need your bank or credit card details handy to set up automatic payments
  • If applicable to your child, please have scanned copies of any medical management plans and/ or court orders ready to attach.
  • We recommend having the Enrolment Assistance Guide open to help you through the enrolment process



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