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By using our “Telehealth” online booking system, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

1.   Our Telehealth services will be conducted as phone consultations (+/-video if appropriate) to cover non-emergency medical appointments with our General Practitioners.

2.   You must provide your legal full name or Patient Number, date of birth, mobile number and email address to complete the “Telehealth” online booking process. You must be located solely within Australia & its territories at the time of the consultation.

3.   A confirmation notification message will be sent to your mobile and/or email upon successful booking.

4.   Bulk Billing Telehealth services will be available to Medicare-eligible patients at our practice when booking online if you fit the following criteria:

a.   Has a valid Medicare Card; and

b.   Booked in with a bulkbilled appointment slot and

c.   Satisfy at least one of the following criteria set by Medicare

i.   You have had at least one (1) consultation at this clinic (face to face consultation) in the last 12 months of your next booking, or;

ii.   The consultation is for a child under 12 months old.

   If you satisfy Clause 4a and b but not c, and is either

i.   currently homeless, or;

ii.   your current registered address with Medicare is located in a COVID19 hotspot (location to be advised).

   You will need to call the centre if you are seeking a Bulk Billing Telehealth services. Bulk billing telehealth services is NOT AVAILABLE if you book online. If you proceed with an ONLINE BOOKING, you will be privately charge (no rebate from Medicare). For fee detail refer to clause 6.

5.   If you are an overseas student, who has a valid OSHC insurance cover at the time of consultation and satisfy the telehealth criteria set by your OSHC insurance, you are only required to pay a $20 gap (non-claimable with your fund) for the booked telehealth consult at the time of booking. We will direct bill the remaining amount. OSHC insurance which we can direct bill under this scheme are:

a.   Medibank OSHC,

b.   AHM OSHC,

c.   NIB OSHC,

d.   Allianz OSHC and


6.   If you do not fit the criteria set out in clause 4 or 5, you can still use our telehealth service for a fee of $79 (no rebate from Medicare). The fee needs to be paid at time of booking and is non-refundable. If the consultation is longer than 15 minutes, a further fee will apply. This will be $156 for up to 30 minutes and $244 for up to 45 minutes.

7.   You should be aware that no refund will be given if the phone appointment is cancelled by you, or if you were unreachable by the doctor at the time of the appointment (after three attempts of contact by phone).

8.   If you have made a bulk-billed phone appointment, please call our landline PH: 92831234 if you require to reschedule or cancel this. At least, 1 hours’ notice is required to avoid a “no show” on your appointment record. Please note, an administration fee of $35 will apply to any missed appointment/s without notification and/or any change or cancellation of appointment with less than 1 hour’s notification.

9.   Bulk billed appointments will be allocated 15minute time slots. Please adhere to your allocated time as your doctor has other patients booked in after you. If you require a longer, please contact our reception to book separately. (Pending the doctor’s approval).

10.   We reserve the right to cancel or change or re-schedule your “Telehealth” appointment at any time. These are difficult times for everyone and we hope you understand.

11.   Please be aware that our doctors do their best to run on time and make considerations for delays as unforeseen circumstances can occur.

12.   Any follow-up appointment should be booked with the same Doctor as your past visit if possible.

13.   We reserve the right to update and change the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of the Terms and Conditions agreement each time you view and use this website.

14.   We shall not be held responsible for any conflicts or errors resulting in use/misuse of this service, including but not limited to; missed or wrongly -booked appointments, any negative experiences or outcomes resulting either from the appointment itself or from the booking process.

15.   A GP Telehealth phone or video consultation is not intended to replace a full medical face-to-face evaluation by a GP. A telemedicine phone or video consultation is very different from a regular face-to-face examination and the GP providing the consultation is limited by the constraints of solely using electronic communication.

16.   Accordingly, the diagnosis you receive may be limited, and provisional due to these constraints.

17.   A GP telehealth phone or video consultation assessment is based on the information provided by you and, in the absence of a physical evaluation, the GP may not be aware of certain facts that may limit or affect his or her assessment or diagnosis of your condition and recommended treatment.

18.   For continued ongoing medical care or treatment it may be necessary to present for a follow up face-to-face GP appointment.

19.   Your medical information will be handled with strict confidentiality, privacy and security; however, you understand there are risks associated with any electronic information transfer process from one location to another and give the medical centre permission to communicate and undergo a GP telehealth consultation with you via electronic means.

20.   You understand and are happy to proceed with a GP telehealth consultation and assume the risk of the limitations of such a consultation.

21.   Please contact reception if you would like to see a copy of our Practice Privacy Policy.

22.   By utilising our telehealth services, the patient understands that fax, email and digital correspondence is not encrypted and is not secure. The patient agrees to the release of Hyde Park Medical Centre from any liabilities associated with any breach or loss of your medical records released via electronic platforms.

23.   By communication electronically with Hyde Park Medical Centre, you release the Practice from all claims, losses, expenses and liabilities caused by any of the risks of using our online services.


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