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Refund for Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

If you are insured with Allianz Global Assistance you are able to apply for a refund of the unexpired portion of your policy if:

  • you paid for OSHC but did not commence your studies in Australia
  • your student visa was not extended or was cancelled
  • you have to cease studies and leave Australia before the end of a period of approved stay, for reasons beyond your control
  • you have been granted permanent resident status in Australia
  • you were not a resident in Australia for a continuous period of three months or more whilst holding a valid Student Visa
  • you provide proof of OSHC with another provider

To apply for a refund you must complete the Allianz OSHC refund form.  Allianz will not refund premiums for periods of less than 1 month.

If you are not insured with Allianz, you need to contact your OSHC provider directly for details of their refund policy and process.  The Department of Health provides a list of all insurers who offer OSHC.


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