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International Student Insurance – Best Plans for Student Health and

Be at financial and mental peace with Student Cover.

Student Cover is market leader among insurance assisting companies in India that provide international student insurance. With more than half a decade of experience, we facilitate students going to the US with cost-effective, well-featured and university-accepted American health insurance. Our product is a student-friendly online destination that simplifies the process of identifying and purchasing the most suitable international health and travel insurance plans, which are influenced by the requirements of their selected university.

At Student Cover, we do not let students get lost in loads of information or processes when making a decision about insurance. Rather, our designated teams for particular universities are available to help students make the best insurance decision—something that will make for a smooth life in the US.

Student Cover has enrolled more than 10,000 students in our leading health and travel insurance plans, who are thoroughly satisfied with both our insurance products and allied services. Our services include items such as online assistance for network medical provider identification and insurance purchase, university insurance waiver assistance and EST specific claim assistance. We also collaborate with large student networks, such as social media groups and Indian student associations, to increase the reach of our plans so that more and more students can benefit and can save on insurance and medical expenses.

Let us be your partner in good health.


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