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Overseas Student Health Cover Brochure

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Overseas Student Health Cover

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2 Healthcare in Australia More info bupa.com.au/ students The private healthcare system The private system includes health insurers like Bupa, who come together with Medicare to provide Australians with access to medical services and health providers. We understand that healthcare can be confusing to new visitors. That’s why we aim to provide the best advice and support to help you find what’s right for your needs. The Australian healthcare system is made up of two components, the public healthcare system administered by the Australian Government, known as Medicare and, the private healthcare system. The public healthcare system What is Medicare? Medicare is Australia’s public healthcare system – for all citizens, most permanent residents and applicants for permanent residency. It provides free or subsidised cover for certain healthcare services. Do I have access to Medicare? If you’re applying for a student visa, a current student or looking to extend your student visa you will not generally have access to Medicare. 1

Image of page 23 Why choose Bupa Overseas Student Health Cover Meet visa requirements To be 100% sure you comply with the Australian Government’s insurance requirements. Protect yourself from the unexpected If the unexpected happens during your stay you can be covered for treatments and medical care. Unlimited emergency ambulance We’ll take care of the cost of all emergency transport and on-the-spot treatment by our recognised providers. No mental health benefit waiting periods Your mental health is important to us, so you have no waiting periods to access psychiatric treatment and mental health benefits on your cover. 3 Convenience Get peace of mind by choosing where and when you’d like to be treated at Members First and Network Hospitals. OSHC Extras Choose Extras cover for services that OSHC doesn’t cover, such as dental, physio, chiro and optical. 1 Students from reciprocal health countries may have some access to Medicare, however may still require OSHC. Visit humanservices.gov.au/ individuals/services/medicare/reciprocal-health-care-agreements to find out more. 2 Students from selected countries may have some access to Medicare, however may still require OSHC. Visit humanservices.gov.au/customer/enablers/health-care-visitors-australia to find out more. 3 The standard 2 months waiting period for pre-existing conditions of a psychiatric nature is not enforced by Bupa until further notice. It’s our purpose that makes us different – helping our members to live longer, healthier, happier lives. We focus on your health, so you can focus on your studies. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) helps ensure you’ll be covered for the cost of medical treatments if you get sick or have an accident. The Australian Government requires you to have OSHC for the duration of your study period in Australia.Image of page 3


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