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Industrial Lift Truck & Forklift Safety Training

Welcome to Occupational Safety and Health Consultant’s (OSHC).

OSHC provides professional training for industrial lift truck and forklift safety certification.

  1. Powered Industrial Truck Training
  2. Industrial Fork Lift Truck Training
  3. Meets the Federal OSHA Standard 29 CFR1910.178

OSHC specializes in providing experts on issues dealing with general safety, construction safety, and fire protection. Our staff of quality experts can provide consulting and expert witness testimony for a particular case or project you now have pending. Our expert witnesses have demonstrated:

  1. Professional competence in their areas of specialty
  2. Litigation experience
  3. Equal availability for plaintiff and defense cases
  4. Excellent research and report writing capabilities
  5. Ability to apply their trade throughout The United States

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